Religious Ceremony Venues

  • Calilo Church

    Calilo Church

    Surrounded by fresh water, in the middle of a peaceful courtyard, this little white washed church, with a blue dome that perfectly matches the hue of the sky and the Aegean Sea, will provide a truly unique and extremely private wedding experience. Located at the Calilo hotel, a few seconds away from the beach, suites and restaurant of the hotel, this venue is the ideal setting for any couple who wishes to have a luxurious but intimate wedding, where the accommodation, reception area and the church are all a hop, skip and a jump away from each other.

  • Agia Paraskeyi

    Agia Paraskeyi

    Agia Paraskeui with its incredible sunset views, pristine location -a few moments away from our venues of Erego beach Bar and Restaurant and Pathos Sunset Lounge, and only 10ish minutes away from the port and village of Ios- and its charming character provides a truly extraordinary wedding experience, combining a very romantic and intimate setting, with the flexibility that comes with its location.