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Travel Massive Unconference

LuxurIOS Island Experience and Travel Concept Solution brought together travel professionals from all over the world to live the most unique experience. 30 industry professionals from 15 deifferent countries came together to create the Travel Massive Unconference.
Creative writers, Videographers, Photographers, and sustainability marketing professionals came together to share and create valuable information in the form of unpanels, workshops and team building project development for the island. Travel Massive attendees stayed at Agalia Boutique Hotel and enjoyed the Life on Ios, sharing their stories in social media and interact with thousands of followers, with #LifeOnIos hashtag included. #LifeOnIos is a creative social media campaign that started at the beginning of July 2015 by @LuxurIOS Island Experience and @TCS and in order to show the other side of the famous party scene of Ios Island.
The celebration of the event was on 21st of July at Papas beach, a private venue. All of us had time to know each other and discuss for the next days plans and unpanels and of cource to enjoy the unspoiled beach. LuxurIOS Island Epxerience offered a generous all day hospitality with food and drinks.

The resulting collaboration was a spectacular experience! The interaction included interesting and original ideas based on these main topics:

  1. Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
  2. Support the Community
  3. New Media Platforms
  4. New Applications with map and information
  5. Business Development Plans
  6. Video and Creative Content
  7. Local Tours
  8. International Dj Live Up
Thanks to...

Diego Pons Cristiani

website Youtube

Videographer Professional from Spain, inspired by the beauty of the island, the hospitality, the pristine beaches, the unspoiled landscapes and crystal water resulting a global creative digital storytelling, with thousands of views so far!

Alicia Drewnicki & Tim Pogo


Freelance writer and video host. She has always loved to explore the world around her and she's not scared of any challenge! She loved Ios and she became godmother of one of the 55.000 olive trees, which translplanted in Ios Island. This wonderful feeling inspired us and we decided that from now on travellers can "adopt" an olive tree and give it a name! Every year Alicia and the other godparents will visit Ios again and see their godchild. This unique sence highlighted our responsibility to nature and heritage and the sustainable tourism and constituted the symbolic beginning of making our aim into reality.
We visited Giannis, the bouzouki artisan. Following his father's and grandfather's art, Giannis gave us the opportunity to learn about this ancient greek instrument. The interview was fantastic with the sounds of greek music and ... greek drinks, such as ouzo and wine. We 'd like to thank Giannis for his kindness and hospitality.

Alberto Ribas

for his work related to the restaurants

Joao and Natasha

the couple from Brazil for Pra Ver em Londres

Article: Pra Ver na Grécia: As primeiras impressões da ilha de Ios em fotos

Sabina Trojanova

Jenna Davis

New and Fresh Ideas about building a new interactive application called 'My Ios', where travellers will be able to get information about the island and the activities.

posts on traveldudes: The Beach Window's of Ios, Sunsets Ios Island, Beach Life in Ios, Unconference

Peter Parkorr

Lucas Estevam Ferreira

Lucas brought LuxurIOS Island Experience into Snapchat Platform, where thousands of followers especially young people learned about Ios Island and the activities for day and mostly for ... night!